By-Laws that where passed during the business meeting in Jacksonville,FL
All elected officers shall serve for one year, with the exception of the Executive Secretary/ Treasurer, who shall be elected for a term of three years and shall be paid an annual expense reimbursement of $2.00 per member, to be determined at the Annual Business Meeting according to total members at that time.

The Executive Secretary/Treasurer shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the association, conduct correspondence, and collect and pay out all monies of the association.  No disbursement of funds shall be made by the Executive Secretary/Treasurer, except when supported by a voucher approved by the association, or on other authorization given by the membership. The Executive Secretary/Treasurer shall publish a “SESCA..teer” magazine four times each year in the months of January, May, September, and November.

  1. All unit heads or their delegates will meet with the SESCA officers, competition chairman, and competition judges prior to the competition, at a place designated by SESCA, to review the competition rules, draw for competition order in unit skits and paradeability, and be assigned an assembly area.Unit heads or their delegates not present for the drawing will be positioned at the discretion of the Competition Director.


  1. Individual Clown Makeup/Costume, Individual Paradeability, Individual Skit and Two-Man Skit will draw for position prior to starting of that category.If not present for the drawing, the individuals will be positioned at the discretion of the Competition Director.

A minimum of three (3) judges will be utilized.  Preferably, all three will have had extensive clowning experience and/or background of makeup experience.

No one may speak to judges or talliers during the competition, unless answering a direct question.  Exception:  SESCA Second Vice-President and Chairman or their personal delegates.

Change # 12.  Article X.  Miscellaneous Rules.   Add Section 3.


Section 3.  Convention Facilities.

  1. Competition facilities will be in an inside area and climate controlled (heated or cooled as appropriate.)
  2. Awards Banquet facilities.  Banquet may be either breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and will be held in an inside area and climate controlled (heated or cooled as appropriate).
  3. At all Awards Banquets, there will be a Child’s meal available and offered at a reasonable Child’s price.  Only children 12 years and younger are eligible for these meals.  At registration, the clown must let it be known how many Children’s meals are required.
  4. Water, cups and straws will be provided for all clowns in competition at no cost to the clowns.
  5. At all conventions, SESCA and the Host Unit are the only groups authorized to sell items for fund-raising activities, such as tickets, auction items, apparel, etc.
  6. Banquet attire should be business casual and fez.